Transliteration vs. Translation

LadinoType transliterates Ladino.  LadinoType does not translate to or from Ladino.

Transliteration means to convert text from one system of writing in a language to another system of writing in that same language.  For example, with LadinoType you can input Ladino text in the Latin alphabet and get the same Ladino text in Solitreo, Rashi or Meruba Hebrew scripts as the output.

Translation means to convert text from one language to another language, whether in the same writing system or another.  For example, to translate would mean to enter English text and get Hebrew text as the output.

For now, LadinoType can transliterate one-way (Ladino written in Latin alphabet -> Ladino written in Hebrew alphabet) but I hope to add future functionality to do the reverse (Ladino written in Hebrew alphabet -> Ladino written in Latin alphabet).

At some point, I would also like to build translation features into LadinoType.

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